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Gatotkaca Players - MLBB

Community of players who use the hero Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and have muscles of iron and bones of steel.


Videos Imobiliários

Uma comunidade para imobiliários que buscam oferecer conteúdo mais atrativo pela internet

Digital Marketing


Animes, Travel, Tech, Soccer talks for All Japan's Lovers <3


Los Angeles 1969

This is story of ME. A time traveling entity that was sent into the year 1969 to visit Woodstock. And tries to change the past to make the present and the future better. So come on in and be welcome to explore the world of ME.


Stay close to people who matter

Create communities on a niche topic or for your brand and invite others into it. Niche Community helps people interact in communities in a clear and clutter-free way.

“People are shifting from broad social platforms to niche networks where they can connect with specific, like-minded audiences. This reduces the noise and allows users to see the kind of content they want to interact with. Niche platforms present a significant opportunity for brands to create a community and sell their products to people who are genuinely interested.”

Shama Hyder, CEO & Founder Zen Media
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Interact with people

Niche communities are ideal places for like-minded people or customers to get a chance to connect with others. Engagement also goes up as people continue to revisit your community and explore more.


Organise your community with sections

Sections help communities remain clutter-free by better organising the posts within the community. For eg. if your community is for business owners, your sections might look like Accounting, Marketing, Automation, HR, etc.

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See what's happening inside the community

See Recent Activity inside the community to know what people are interacting with and stay in the loop.


Create niche communities with high-quality interactions and no noise

Public or Private

Create public or private communities

Manage Members

Easily manage members and set their roles

Verified community

Create verified communities for your business or brand

Support for Markdown

Create highly customised posts using markdown

Email notifications

Get notified when someone mentions you or posts in the community

Invite others

Invite others easily using shareable link and decide who joins to keep the community healthy

Recent Activity

See recent activity inside the community

Organise your community

Organise your community with Sections

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Verified communities with upto 5000 members. Get first 12 months for free.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why 'Niche Community' when there are other platforms like Facebook Groups, Reddit etc.?

Niche Community is dedicated towards niche online communities for people and small businesses. The platform focuses on engagement and a sense of belonging for the members. Niche communities are much smaller than Facebook Groups, Reddit communities, etc. with millions of members. Recently, these larger platforms have become noisy and chaotic. Unlike these larger platforms that focus on the virality of content, Niche Community focuses over the value it creates for the members for the community.

What is the current stage of Niche Community?

Niche Community is a new platform but it already has features for a thriving community. The platform supports communities in a clear and clutter-free way. New features are getting rolled out every week. We would love if you join or create your next niche community here and help make the platform better for others.

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